Saturday, February 19, 2011


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Switching Loyalties

I purchased my first sim around 5 years ago. It was a 0333 number. I flipped the sim pack and saw a bunch of teenagers pictures printed on it. One particular face caught my attention as he was the son of one of the most famous character of our tele history Kabacha. I joked with my cousin that “Hey look, Kabacha junior is a star now thanks to Mr. Kabacha.” We both laughed and went home.

The thing left my mind and life just moved on. All the telecom operators kept on bringing new services and kept on filling the air time. The slogans and chants just kept on buzzing in my head. Now what’s interesting is that the biggest cellular network provider of the country launched a new service of credit sharing. The ad they made was quite catchy. What surprised me is that Kabacha junior was in that ad. Endorsing the particular brand. This raised my eye brow a little but I was like “who cares”.

Days passed... the telecom market just kept on becoming more competitive day by day.
Now the third telecom giant launched a new campaign and guess what Kabacha junior is there again. Amazing isn’t it. One guy in his early 20’s with no experience of acting on the main stream or having any ramp experience endorsing 3 competitive firms one after an other.

The story doesn’t end here. Recently the first provider I mentioned launched a new package called the youth package and who’s the star of the campaign. No rewards for guessing but you have guessed it right. Its! Kabacha junior. Mind blowing isn’t it. One person just keep on switching companies at his free will. I wont be surprised if a year later he is seen endorsing the only remaining telecom provider.

I some where along my studies studied some thing called ethical behaviours. The whole world is crying about ethics and after looking at this particular example I have to say Ethics are for losers. Who needs ethics when your daddy has strong connections eh.

What’s more interesting is that no one is saying a word about it. It seems no one cares now as there are more examples. Ali Zafar and Waseem Akram also did the same thing but even they just switched once.

I am sick and tired of people coming on the tele and saying Pakistan has a lot of talent. What talent are those people talking about? One person is endorsing 3 companies changing loyalties at free will. If there was talent all the companies would have hired those talented people to be there brand ambassadors.

With great sorrow I have to agree to my model friend Mir Khan that talent doesn’t count in our industry. Just get some links and you’ll be a star in no time.

You can judge the popularity of that particular person that a big tv buff doesn’t even know his name.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

big corporation man

No Posts Till June. Mean While enjoy this awesome track by Haroon

Monday, May 10, 2010

Eradicating Polio

In the last week of April I got a 3 three day job offer to work at the polio control cell. I was more than happy as they were paying good and the work sounded really easy.
On the first two day I worked as the data entry operator and on the last day I used my call centre experience in to good use and attended the calls coming from all over the country.

All in all I can say that it was a fun job and it was a very easy way to earn some much needed quick cash but when I look back at those three days my heart fills up with sorrow and I feel guilty as I was a part of this campaign that was a total flop in my eyes.

The purpose of the campaign was to dispatch polio vaccination teams to the areas where the polio teams didn’t reach. Sounds really easy but thanks to I don’t know who the process has been made really complicated. They have made it a 3 step process over the years.
Step 1: receive the call from the effected areas.
Step 2: forward complain to the call forward team who call the DHO of the effected area, he/she dispatches the team.
Step 3: the data of the call is entered into an excel sheet.

Fair enough, but all of this didn’t work because the people were only in it for the easy cash and no one had the motive of social welfare.

Really innocent people from the rural areas kept on calling and only 10% of the complaints were properly answered.

I seriously don’t want to go into all the dirty details of the campaign but I’d like to highlight just one thing. Only 25 complaints were received via sms and the officials ran a ticker on the official television network that more than 15000 sms were received.

Now you people can guess what was going on at the polio control cell.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm Cracking

Mr. Rauf Kalasra is one of those journalists whose columns always create a buzz in the society. Most of the times the stories he break have the power to melt the stone hearted people. I agree to the fact that on some points I keep my differences with him but this place will not be used to discuss his political stance. This column is strictly related to his column published in TDJ on Friday 26th march 2010.

After reading this column I felt like a sick dog whose body is filled with blood sucker fleas and he’s inching away to death. The pain in the column is so strong that it can dumb struck anyone. As I am typing this my fingers are shaking with sorrow and grief. I can’t even think straight. I feel on an all time low. Why do incidents like this keep on happening on such a regular basis? I’m sure many of us hear these kinds of stories every day. I remember my ammi telling a some what same story on 10 October 2005.

The column is about an 11 year old girl from swat whose life was turned around by the GOD forsaken Taliban’s- the real enemies of Islam. The story is very short. The father of the girl joined Taliban’s because he received a ticket of heaven from them. He quitted on his family and started a quest against his own country men. He died when the forces started the operation. Her mother died a medical death soon after. At that point the girl left the house and ended up in the red light area. Just imagine a girl who is just 11, who has seen nothing in her life, who doesn’t even know the meaning of life properly ended up in the SIN HEAVEN and would have lived or died there had it not been for the merciful taxi driver in pindi who instead of dropping her to an alien place took her to his home and kept her with his family. Later on he took her to the Edhi centre.

Have we become so morally corrupt that for our own pleasure we don’t even resist from playing with young girls lives. The girls who have already lost every thing they have and the only thing they have with them is there pride. Yet we take that. How low can we get? How many girls have suffered through the hands of such morally corrupt people? How many stories are buried under the ashes? Who will look after these girls even if they are rescued? Who will marry these girls? Will the society ever accept them? Will they ever get justice?

Questions like these are just popping into my mind. I have started to loose it. I have come to a conclusion that it’s because of incidents like these our prayers don’t get answered and our nation is not making any progress. Unless and until we become morally pure we won’t be able to make any progress and will keep on lurking in the dark shadows.

I always try not to preach in my posts but some how I end up doing the same thing

Monday, March 22, 2010

My National Hero

I for one am a strong believer of the fact that Pakistan is the greatest country on mother earth. The potential that we hold is way beyond the limits of our imaginations and now As 23rd march is approaching fast, our media channels have started to broadcast special patriotic program’s. I’d like to ride the band wagon and write some words for a very special person who apparently is neglected by the material media these days.

That individual is my hero, our hero, pride of our nation, the founder of Khan Research Laboratory and the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan.

Words are not enough to praise the services of this certain individual. If you ask me Pakistan till the Judgment day will not be able to repay the debt that we owe to Dr. Khan.

Dr. Khan left a very prosperous career for the security of Pakistan. In 1976 started he uranium enrichment program in Kahota. Since that point onwards there was no looking back. Pakistan came under severe pressure for its nuclear program by the western world but luckily this was one issue on which our leaders showed consensus.

From what I have heard Dr. Khan conducted 2 soft tests in early 80’s and that was the time Pakistan had unofficially become a nuclear power.

Dr. Khan is not just a scientist but he is a multi talented person. He writes a column in Daily Jang and it gets published every Wednesday. His column on the first mosque of sub continent was indeed an eye opener for a huge amount of the readers including me. Then his knowledge about the current developments in technology is also applauding. He single handedly sabotaged the American plan of locating our nuclear assets in 96 via the Permissive Action Links is also something amazing.

In the end I’d like to say that words are just not enough to praise the greats like Dr. Khan. The single shake hand with him when I was on class 7th was one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Long live Dr. Khan! You are and will always remain my Hero.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

C.P.E elections

Back in high school, a very good friend of mine contested in the school body elections. Unfortunately she lost by a huge margin. It was a good experience though.

Now after some years I found that C.P.E is organizing student body elections. At first thought of contesting but immediately dropped the idea because the election is for only two posts- President and Vice-President.

Two posts! just two posts. What on earth are they thinking? It seems that they don’t even know the whole concept behind elections. As this is not a place to give lectures or preach I’ll just highlight some of the funny things that I have noticed till now. The voting will be on Wednesday so actual winners can’t be predicted.

First thing that amused I was the sms alert by the management which said that Rs. 150 should be deposited to obtain a student card. As students without the card will not be allowed to vote. Excellent idea to mint money out of this whole plan. Kudos to the guy who came up with such ingenious idea.

The second thing is the party slogans. Quoting some of them right now:1. vote for me if you think life is beautiful
2. Vote for the lukyz
3. I am the solution to all your problems (it should have been I am behind all your problems)
4. Vote for evolution and revolution
5. Vote for justice for all

I haven’t been to C.P.E for past 3 days so I don’t know how things are turning out to be with the slogans and the chants.

The third thing is the interesting photographs on there banners. I mean do you have to put up pictures in which you are not even recognizable. Most of the candidates have printed pictures in which the flash of the camera is more visible than there face.

The most interesting thing is the distribution of ribbons by the candidates to the potential voters. One great person is distributing red ribbons every where as he’s running HIV awareness campaign.

There are some more interesting things as well but I am censoring them. As I don’t want to start controversies over here.

In the end, all the best to all those who are competing. Thanks for providing us with some much needed amusement.